The discovery site of the cast of the skull of a Neanderthal (Homo Neanderthalensis) of the European and world importance in Hrádok location in Gánovce, Slovakia.

Until 2007 the discovery site of word importance was in a desolate and neglected state.  However, since then the site has seen its long-forgotten meaning and proper importance thanks to a group of enthusiasts and volunteers who found the OZ NEANDERTAL, the non-profit organization.
Within its limited possibilities, the OZ NEANDERTAL, together with the Gánovce municipality, Podtatranské Museum in Poprad and TANAP, has done a lot of useful work since 2007 and is looking into the future.  After clearing the locality, building the entrance gate, educational boards, renovation of bus stops, fences, roads, sidewalks around the location, setting the ready-made wooden sculptures, we came up with an idea to build the GEOPARK Gánovce here.  Still, it is a long way, but we believe we can make it thanks to our enthusiasm and thanks to such great people.

This location deserves that!  The “1st Slovak” was found here and it is the easternmost and northernmost occurrence of the Neanderthals in Eastern Europe.



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